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Announcing Blogs for Devs


When I started my blog in 2017 I never imagined it'd be as successful as now. I never seriously invested in SEO or did any aggressive marketing campaigns, and yet here we are: closing in to 2 million sessions, and the end is no where near.

Cumulated amount of sessions per weekCumulated amount of sessions per week

I did of course do something to put my content out there. Over the years I found ways to reach people who might be interested in reading what I wrote. But still, there wasn't much effort involved: I'd share a link from time to time; I'd listen to feedback (a thick skin is an asset if you're writing a blog, people on the internet love to tell you you're wrong); I tried to improve my writing.

I guess the reason it feels like little effort is because it's something I actually really enjoy doing. Even though I'm making some money with my blog now, I still consider it a hobby project. There has never been any pressure to write when I didn't want to. I ignored most of the "blogging best practices" because they asked way too much of my free time. I managed to find my own way of doing things, and it turns out it works.

Throughout this series I'll share everything I learned during my blogging journey with you: how to start, how to grow, how to analyse, how to engage with your audience, how to make money by writing on the internet. I'm a developer so some topics will be technical, but even if you've got no programming experience, you'll be able to learn lots — I'll keep things as simple as possible.

So, are you a blogger? Has it been your long-time dream of starting a blog? I'm happy to share my experience with you!

There's more to come!

This series will be released over the course of several weeks. If you want to follow along, make sure to leave your email address and I'll notify you when a new chapter arrives.

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