Stitcher turns 5 🎉

Some exciting news today: Stitcher — this blog — turned 5! In a way, that feels like a long time, although I was also thinking this week: "it feels longer than that". Anyway, it's a reason to celebrate! So first things first: I'm giving away 5 Stitcher-themed elephpants, keep on reading if you want one!

Before explaining how you can get an elephpant, let me say how much I appreciate it that you're here. I never imagined my blog to turn out the way it did when I first started it 5 years ago, and that's in large part thanks to you!

So, thank you!

Now, how to get an elephpant: I'm giving them away on Twitter, my newsletter and YouTube. By the time you're reading this, my newsletter is probably already sent, but you can still follow me on Twitter and check out YouTube if you want one.

Here's the YouTube video with more instructions:

Thanks for reading, and thank you for being here!


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