Clean and minimalistic PhpStorm

This is a list of things I do when setting up PhpStorm from scratch. I prefer a clean and minimalistic look, which takes less than 5 minutes to set up. You can watch the full video, or scroll through the sections on this page!

# Hide all toolbars

I only use keyboard shortcuts and the actions menu, so I hide all toolbars.

# Light colour schemes

Light colour schemes are better. That's not just an opinion, it is a fact. I prefer a colour scheme that might be less cool and fancy, but forces me to properly light my room and put less strains on my eyes.

# Increased font size

Similar to light colour schemes, pick a font size and line height that works on your monitor, make sure you don't have to squint your eyes in order to read code.

# Code folding

I enable code folding for method bodies by default. It gives me a proper overview of classes, without too much noise. I've learned to use my keyboard for navigation and managing folds, so that it doesn't impact my performance.

# Tabs at the bottom

For some reason, placing tabs at the bottom of my screen feels way more natural and less intrusive.

# Undocked sidebar

Instead of moving sidebars to the right, I undock it, so that it slides on top of my code without moving that code around.

# The navigation bar

If you prefer an even cleaner look, you can hide the sidebar altogether and use the navigation bar instead.

# Distraction free mode

Distraction free mode centers my code, making it easier to read on large displays. By default it also hides tabs and line numbers, but you can show them again using the actions menu.

# Scopes and file colours

I use scopes to group and colour my code, allowing for easier navigation.

That's it! Take a look at my YouTube channel if you like these kinds of videos!

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