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Responsive images as CSS background

Integrating the Responsive Images spec together with CSS backgrounds, allowing for more flexibility for eg. hero images because you can use background-size: cover; etc., and still have the full benefits of responsive image loading.

        img {
        img.loaded {
            display: none;
        .responsive-image {
            background-size: cover;
            background-position: center;
    <div class="responsive-image">
        <img src="./small.jpg" srcset="./large.png 3000w, ./medium.jpg 1920w, ./small.jpg 425w" >
        document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
            const images = document.querySelectorAll('.responsive-image');
            [].forEach.call(images, function (imageContainer) {
                const image = imageContainer.querySelector('img');
                image.addEventListener('load', function () {
                    if (!image.currentSrc) {
                    imageContainer.style['background-image'] = "url('" + image.currentSrc + "')";
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