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Laravel's HasManyThrough cheatsheet

- The current model Country has a relation to Post via User
- The intermediate model is linked to the current model via users.country_id
- The target model is linked to the intermediate model via posts.user_id
- users.country_id maps to countries.id
- posts.user_id maps to users.id
    id - integer
    name - string

    id - integer
    country_id - integer
    name - string

    id - integer
    user_id - integer
    title - string
class Country extends Model
    public function posts()
        return $this->hasManyThrough(
            'country_id', // Foreign key on users table...
            'user_id', // Foreign key on posts table...
            'id', // Local key on countries table...
            'id' // Local key on users table...
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