Can I translate your blog?

Yes. Yes you can. I do ask you to keep a few rules in mind.

# Host on your own

Your translations should be hosted on your own blog. Maybe it's helpful for you to have access to the markdown source files, they can be found here.

# Proper attribution

You're required to add a link to the original post at the start of your translation. Furthermore, please add a link tag in the <head> of your page to also point to the original post.

    <!-- … -->

        href="" />

# Notify me about translations

I'd like to know about when you put a translation online. I plan on listing all translations on my blog somewhere at some point in the future, so it'd be handy if I could add yours.

You can notify me via Twitter, e-mail or by making a GitHub issue

# Translate, don't interpret

I expect translations to be as close as possible to the original. You can add your own thoughts, but only if properly addressed. For example you can add a final section with additions to the original post, as long as you make it clear that it's not part of the original.

One final remark: I appreciate it very much when people want to translate my content, so thank you very much!