Guest posts

I've been thinking about the idea of allowing other people to write on my blog for a while now. Guest posting is popular in the broader blogging community, and I wanted to give it some careful thought.

I regularly get requests from people to write a guest post on this blog, but these requests often involve low-quality content just to boost SEO stats. This is something I want to stay far away from.

I realised though that there might be people out there who have a great idea for a blog post, but don't want to spend time maintaining a blog, and don't want to post to a network like Medium. Quality content might never be written because of this, and I realised that independent blogs like mine can offer a solution.

I think of it as a win-win: content creators get an outlet for their ideas, my audience gets more quality content to read, and this blog can keep on growing.

# Quality assurance

Regular readers of my blog know that I try my best to only write quality content. I don't keep a schedule which forces me to write every week or month, I only write when I feel like I've got something to say that's worth sharing.

I want guest posts on this blog to be the same. That's why I will personally review every one of them, and will only post them when I think they meet a quality level my audience would appreciate.

I believe a set of rules and agreements is in place. If you're thinking about pitching a guest post, please read these carefully.

# Your content, not mine

Guest posts will always stay your property, not mine. This means that if you ever want to move your content to your own blog, you're free to do so.

This of course also means that you're responsible for writing quality content. I'll be happy to review and help improve your content, but you'll be the one who has to do it.

This also means that guest posts will always be properly attributed. You'll be able to provide links to your social media or personal website.

Lastly, every one of my own blogposts has one ad in it, which helps keep this blog going. You're free to ask me to remove it in your content.

# What to expect from me?

I will help you in reviewing your content and provide feedback to improve it. I'm by no means an expert writer or copy editor myself, but I have been doing this for a few years now, so I might be able to help you if you're a beginning writer.

Reviewing your content will either happen via mail or directly on GitHub, whichever you prefer. I will make sure to always discuss any changes I want to be made to the post, and will never alter your content without you knowing it.

Finally, I will also help promote your content once it's launched, and provide feedback regarding traffic afterwards. I cannot guarantee any hard numbers on what kind of traffic your post will get, but I can give you some numbers on the monthly traffic on my blog:

# Now what?

Since this is new for me too, I've got no idea where it'll go from here on out. If you're interested in the idea and would like to talk about something concrete, feel free to send me an email and we'll see whether we're a good match. Make sure to provide the following information: