I've had the pleasure of creating several courses at Spatie, and I'd like to keep track of them on my blog as well.

# Event Sourcing in Laravel

Everything you need to learn about starting with event sourcing is covered in this course: from learning about event driven design and events to aggregates, projections, process managers, CQRS and more. Not only are all patterns and principles covered, we also discuss many common pitfalls of an event sourced system, and how to avoid them.

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# Front Line PHP

Front Line PHP looks at PHP from the perspective of a modern-day PHP developer. You'll learn about everything new in PHP 7 and PHP 8, as well patterns, best practices, PHP internals and more!

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# Laravel Beyond CRUD

Going beyond a standard CRUD application, this course teaches you how to structure and manage a large Laravel application to keep it maintainable for years to come.

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