The framework that gets out of your way

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Half a year ago, I wrote this:

Ok, so, I've started working on something β€” probably the biggest project I've worked on in a while β€” and I'm having a blast. I'm building… A framework 😳

If you haven't heard of that framework before β€” it's called Tempest β€” you could check out me building the foundations of it during several livestreams.

I had a break working on Tempest for a couple of months because of other projects, but recently I started diving into it again. I've actually used it to build a small website, and let me tell you: I really enjoyed it.

That probably shouldn't come as a surprise since I built it the way I like to build things. But still, I was very happy seeing all pieces fit together so perfectly. Granted: there is a lot more fine-tuning to do, but I do think there's some potential here.

To be clear: Tempest doesn't aim to replace any frameworks like Laravel or Symfony; but for getting smaller PHP websites up and running? I feel like there's a lot of potential for a small and modern framework.

I especially like how Tempest gets out of your way. There's no need for config files or any setup, Tempest understands your code. I'm not kidding, it works really well.

So, I'd say go check out a very pre-alpha version of what undoubtedly will become something great in the future:

# On a personal note

Much to my frustration, I've been sick since mid-December. Nothing serious, just a very annoying cough that doesn't want to go away. I've seen my doctor numerous times, a specialist, I'm using an inhaler, nasal spray, tried antacids, nothing seems to work. I actually have had the same issue for multiple years now: periods of coughing without any clear reason or solution.

Like I said, it's not too serious, just an annoying cough that doesn't want to go away, though it is very limiting when trying to record videos or audio. The more I talk, the worse it gets, so proper recording sessions aren't really an option right now. That three-minute video about Tempest I linked a couple paragraphs ago took waaaaay too much time and editing to get all the coughs out…

That's why I've been rather quiet on PHP Annotated, and why I've mostly focussed on writing content for PhpStorm lately. Last week, the first post in a series about JetBrains' AI Assistant for Unit Testing went live, and I've got a couple more scheduled soon.

I really hope my coughing gets over soon, and I really hope we'll find a proper solution. I've got another doctor's appointment scheduled next week and hope new medication will have a better impact.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to share this with you in case people were wondering why PHP Annotated is so quiet lately. I really want to get back into it a soon as possible though!

That's it for today's newsletter, do check out Tempest and give it a star while you're there πŸ˜‰

Until next time


PS: I feel real inspired to livestream today. I'm still coughing, but I hope I'll manage. Come say hi: