Stitcher alpha 5

This is the last alpha version of Stitcher. The next release will be beta for the first time, and only bugfixes and improvements will be added from now on. Alpha 5 adds the last important pieces for Stitcher to be feature-complete before a stable 1.0 release. The most important things to note are the plugin support, improved command feedback and the internal use of the service container.

You can read about the upcoming plugin support in this blogpost. Furthermore, I'm already working on the first plugin to support a REST API. Next step is a web interface to manage your content. For developers, Stitcher 1.0 will of course be completely useable without any plugins.

It's important to note that this update has a breaking change which existing Stitcher projects should take into account.

# Installation

composer require pageon/stitcher-core 1.0.0-alpha5

# Update - breaking changes

A last big refactor has been done to support more extensions in the future. This means both the Console and the DevController now live in a different namespace. You'll need an updated version of stitcher and index.php. This can be done with the following commands.

rm ./stitcher
rm ./dev/index.php
cp vendor/pageon/stitcher-core/install/stitcher ./stitcher
cp vendor/pageon/stitcher-core/install/dev/index.php ./dev/index.php

# Remove the cache dir, this might be another directory depending on your configuration.
rm -r .cache/

# Changelog