I'm starting a newsletter

I'm going to give it a try: newsletters. I'm always on the lookout for connecting more with my audience, and feel like newsletters are a more personalised way of communication: people can hit reply to engage in a one-on-one conversation. For me, email is the perfect platform to do that.

# The concept

What to expect if you subscribe? First of all I'll try to send out one newsletter every month, more or less. I won't spam you every day or week. This also gives me ample time to write, review and rewrite the mail. That's the same way I write my blog posts, and works very well for me.

My goal is to write a mini-blog post for every mail, about a topic I've encountered the past month. Next I'll also give some useful php-related tips and tricks. Finally I'll share one or two, maybe three; links to interesting reads on the web.

That's what I envision the newsletter to look like, at least for now.

So, if you're interested, here's the signup link: https://stitcher.io/signup. The first edition will be sent sometime in the next two weeks.