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PHP 8.2 in 8 code blocks

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readonly class PostData
    public function __construct(
        public string $title,
        public string $author,
        public string $body,
        public DateTimeImmutable $createdAt,
        public PostState $state,
    ) {}

Readonly classes

$rng = $is_production
    ? new Random\Engine\Secure()
    : new Random\Engine\Mt19937(1234);
$randomizer = new Random\Randomizer($rng);


New random extension

function alwaysFalse(): false
    return false;

null, true, and false as standalone types

function generateSlug((HasTitle&HasId)|null $post) 
{ /* … */ }

Disjunctive Normal Form Types

trait Foo 
    public const CONSTANT = 1;
    public function bar(): int 
        return self::CONSTANT;

Constants in traits

function connect(
    string $user,
    #[\SensitiveParameter] string $password
) {
    // …

Redacted parameters

class Post {}

$post = new Post();

$post->title = 'Name';

// Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property is deprecated

Deprecated dynamic properties

enum A: string 
    case B = 'B';
    const C = [self::B->value => self::B];

Enum properties in const expressions