I've got some important news: today marked my last day working at Spatie and I will start working at JetBrains in the PhpStorm team on Monday. I want to talk about that.

You might be wondering what happened. I actually didn't plan on leaving Spatie originally; I wasn't looking for a new job. It was back in September last year, that I was told about the PhpStorm team looking for a developer advocate; and that felt like an opportunity I couldn't pass.

If you'd ask me to describe my dream job, I would probably tell you it would focus on the PHP community, content creation and education; and this is everything my new job at JetBrains is focussed on. So, I don't think this comes as a surprise to anyone, and I think you'll understand why I made this decision.

I'll of course miss my colleagues at Spatie — I spent almost 5 years with them — but I'm also ready and very excited about this new adventure; I'll keep you posted!

# What about my blog, videos and newsletter?

Nothing much will change: I'll keep working on my blog and other personal projects in my free time; like I have been doing for the past years. I do find more creative energy in making videos over blog posts at the moment though, but I don't have any long term plans. I'll just keep doing what I like at the moment.

# What about open source?

I've written quite a lot of open source code at Spatie, and I'm happy to help maintain it. It's actually an important part of my new job to keep programming, just to keep in touch with the language. So while I won't work any more on client projects like I used to, I will keep writing PHP.

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