I'm building something

Being a blogger myself, I realise how much quality content is written on the internet every day; content that gets lost in an endless stream of online information.

I know how much you want to be able to share your content with an audience, but it's so difficult to do. Twitter is very momentarily; Reddit suffers from spam and angry people; and Facebook is, well, Facebook.

I want a platform where I don't have to feel guilty about sharing my content, and where readers can easily discover new things to read.

So I took one of the oldest blogging concepts and made a community driven platform out of it: RSS.

# Community driven?

I realise that starting a project on my own, won't get me far. We live in a day and age where every possible app has been invented at least twice. Trying to do this myself won't get me far.

That's why I decided on two things.

The code is open source. I want to encourage people to contribute, help build the platform they want it to be.

The content is provided by the community, and the platform will always redirect to the source of origin. It will never try to host your content, it's merely a portal.

# How does it work?

Content creators can add their RSS feed to the platform. Their posts are synced and tagged according to the content and RSS meta data.

Readers can explore new content daily in their feed. I've decided to not try and do anything fancy while building this feed. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter try to be smart and build a feed based on "your interests". They never succeed.

So the feed is a simple chronological list, which you can filter on tags. That's it. There are no votes, no comments. You're encouraged to go the blogs themselves, and share your thoughts over there.

The goal of the platform is simple: help readers discover new content, and get them to that original content as fast as possible. Meanwhile, content creators get a platform where they are allowed to share their own stuff, and an audience hungry for more.

# Get in touch

Even though the basic concept is stable and up and running, there's still lots of things to do. There's improvements to be made to the tagging system, there are some convenience features that need to be added and more.

If you're a web programmer yourself who's interested in open source, feel free to take a look around the project board.

Oh and, of course, here's a link to the platform: aggregate.stitcher.io.