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Laravel beyond CRUD: the next chapter

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It's been almost a year since I released the first post in a series called "Laravel beyond CRUD'. Its goal to teach about how we've been building large application with complex business rules, in Laravel.

It's clear that many of you enjoyed that series: it got over 150,000 views, and I still get several messages a week with followup questions.

We — my colleagues and I — decided to take it a step further: I'm reworking the blog series into a book, as well as making a video course out of it.

There's a sample project built from the ground up with these principles, there's a beautifully designed ebook by my colleague Seb, there are brand new chapters never released before, and a video course hosted by me, bringing all it into practice. My colleagues Freek and Willem took care of the website, and also help designing and edit the course from start to end.

So, what's next? We're still finishing the course, but you can already subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date! If you don't like newsletters, you can follow me on Twitter and be the first to know when we're releasing it!